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It's important for your foot and ankle health that you perform the kind of exercises that keep them limber and prevent injury. Types of exercises that contribute to your health include:


  • Aerobic exercises can be healthy for the whole body, and when done properly, can be beneficial to your feet and legs.

  • Toe exercises, including to curls, toe squeezes and toe pulls are crucial to strengthen your toe muscles and prevent foot discomfort.

  • Jogging and running, while making sure to maintain a proper pace, wear the correct shoes and incorporate stretching routines, can be healthy for your feet and legs.

  • Organized sports such as baseball, cycling and tennis, when performed properly and safely, can be beneficial to your feet.

  • Stretching exercises before beginning an exercise regimen are crucial to ensure health and prevent injury.

  • Walking can be one of the best and most inexpensive ways to keep your feet in their top shape.

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